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SunVest Solar, Inc. is America's Premier full-service solar electric installation company

At SunVest Solar, Inc., our mission is to advance American energy independence by focusing on cost effective solutions for our customers, sustainable environmental stewardship, job growth and educational advancement. Our goal is to achieve American energy independence through market driven environmental stewardship.


There is no question that solar electric technology is beneficial to the environment, especially when compared to traditional coal burning methods. Producing energy by utilizing the sustainable fuel source of the sun means that we are doing so with zero emissions, and we are offsetting harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrous oxides and mercury—keeping them out of our surface water, food chain and the air we breathe.

Fact: The earth receives more energy in one hour than the world uses in an entire year.

Solar electric systems reduce the need for other methods of energy generation that create the harmful emissions mentioned above. Facilities dedicated to protecting the natural resources of tomorrow are cementing themselves as progressive leaders in today's nationwide campaign of environmental stewardship by choosing distributed energy generation in the form of solar photovoltaic. Our company believes that in order for this clean renewable energy source to become widely used, it must be presented in a way that also makes economic sense to our clients. Our goal is to achieve environmental stewardship utilizing market driven methods.

Financial Benefits of Using Solar

Solar panels

Solar electric systems (photovoltaics or PV) are a renewable energy solution that enables the owner to generate electricity from the sun. This free fuel source has many benefits, but the one leading the way in our approach is based on market driven financial performance. The return on a solar system can range from an amazing 9-50% per year. Most people overestimate the cost of going solar. In fact, the cost of solar has dramatically decreased in the past few years. Our unique approach offers simple and effective finance programs to empower our clients to obtain solar with virtually no upfront costs.

Creating Security for America

Installing a solar electric system not only reduces our dependence on foreign energy sources, but it also improves our security by utilizing the power of solar in a distributed format. With the advancements in hybrid technology here has been a real offset on fossil fuel, and we can utilize solar electricity instead. In many cases, facilities are being fueled directly by onsite renewable solar electric, instead of from electric grids based miles away. Solar customers have a sense of comfort knowing where their power is coming from, and can simply walk out their door to see it, and they can easily monitor the performance of their system from any internet location. The time to renew and secure America's future through the implementation of sustainable energy technology has arrived.

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Fuel Café on S. 5th St. is now one of only three Milwaukee restaurants — and six in the state — to use solar power to further reduce its carbon footprint. SunVest Solar

Fuel Café celebrates installation of 60 solar panels on restaurant’s roof

Fuel Café on S. 5th St. is now one of only three Milwaukee restaurants — and six in the state — to use solar power to further reduce its carbon footprint.
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Wisconsin Way Future Leader of the Year Award: Matt Neumann

Wisconsin Way Future Leader of the Year Award: Matt Neumann

When it comes to Matt Neumann, the case can be made that it’s both future and current leadership that makes him a deserving recipient of this award.
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Wisconsin's First Net Zero Community

Neumann Companies along with Tim O’Brien Homes Inc, SunVest Solar Inc., and the City of New Berlin held a ground breaking ceremony on Wisconsin’s first Net Zero community, Red Fox Crossing in New Berlin.
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Homesites available in Franklin

Ryanwood Manor - Franklin, WI
From $114,900
Currently 8 homesites available in Phase I.
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More than 2,000 kW and 100 Systems installed in 4 different states!
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